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EVERYBODY'S TALKING... about our new Rustic Potato Chips

      Our customers say the nicest things..."Your chips are the BEST I have ever eaten." , "We purchased the Pink Himalayan Potato Chips. They are so good!" , " The homemade style potato chips are by far some of the best I have ever had."
      A commitment to quality and an appreciation for farm fresh products is what we're all about and we love the positive feedback we are receiving about our newest adventure.

WE USE THE FINEST, FRESHEST RUSSET POTATOES... grown locally, right here in Ohio

      Sliced just a bit thicker than your average chip, they're gently kettle cooked using non-GMO oils and seasoned with our own special blend of gluten-free herbs & spices... no fillers, additives or preservatives! Then, they're packaged and rushed to your favorite store.


      You can order these delicious chips
online and have this yummy
snack delivered right to your
front door. We hope you
enjoy all of our flavors.